Hello! I'm Pattiee
and I'm a Scorpiio \m/ |
I'm cute here..and don't ever question it. -_- +++ But don't expect to see me like this in person haha n_n | An Accountancy student of Miriam College | 2016 CPA Board Passer | An Arashist.. but I like to be an Arashian more (Deym, MatsuJun and his terms! :P) | A CatDog lover < But don't own one | A dreamer < likes to float in space | A Snob < yeah too bad for you *joke! Ask me ^^ | A Study Nerd | An Introvert | Loves Kung fu | Japan | Photography | Art | Style | Architecture/Design | Music < I'll learn Piano someday | Detective and Mystery Genres < not horror or I'll kick you | Dark Chocolate | Secrets | Cuddles | Hugs| Kisses| & maybe You
Typical Scorpiio Me

Shheeet!! Ba’t ba ang gwapo-gwapo mo!! \(*o*)/ Kung ito ba naman laging bubungad sa’kin tuwing umaga e!
I Love You Matsumoto! n_n

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